My name is Stephanie Schneider and I am a Vancouver based clothing designer. My line is influenced by the local landscape of rich forests, mountains and the Pacific Ocean. My wares are produced to be adaptable and able to withstand the unpredictable climate of the Canadian West coast. Glasnost is characterized by the use of minimalist clean lines fused with a utilitarian sensibility.

I was raised in British Columbia in a family that had an appreciation for the land. My parents and grandparents valued being self sufficient and working with what the land provided; teaching me the value of preserving beyond the season’s end. I learned to grow fruits and vegetables and to preserve the goods of each changing harvest.  This foundation created an appreciation for being able to produce products that are long lasting and made by hand.

From this it was a natural progression to sewing. Actually, it may have been unavoidable with the surname Schneider - German for “one who cuts fabric.”  My first job after completing a BA in history was with a small Vancouver-based design house as a seamstress.  When I started my own line in 2006, I chose the name ‘Glasnost,’ the Russian term for ‘openness.’  The term Glasnost is defined as: “a call for transparency and accountability to make socially conscious decisions.” It evokes an optimism for change.  Glasnost is also a term for finding ones voice, which is what I hope to gain from this project.

Through elaborate hunts for sustainable fabrics I have been fortunate to have met retired makers and hobbyists that have garages full of leather, waxed cotton, and as it turns out, lots of stories. My most recent experience included a history lesson on the quality and durability of waxed cotton, which resulted in a new line of garments which are at once design conscious and rich in history. Glasnost products evoke an appreciation of the past within our modern landscape.

The style is inspired by necessity, and designed to be practical and functional. Waxed cotton is a natural and traditional textile that has been proven to last with proper care and maintenance.  All  items are built with the intention of being an investment in our future, prevailing on to tell the story of your journey and keep you dry in the meantime.